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Sigma 3C3M 29″ Max Tile Cutter (INCHES)

Sigma 3C3M 29″ Max Tile Cutter (INCHES)

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Sigma MAX Push Handle Tile Cutters feature a spring-loaded, ball bearing scoring wheel that is designed to help produce consistent scores on unevenly surfaced tile or wood-look textured tile. The Sigma MAX handle eliminates much of the difficulty in cutting textured tile on a manual tile cutter and cuts down on uneven breaks and wasted material.

Sigma MAX tile cutters have a push-handle design that allows the handle to become an extension of the user's arm, allowing him or her to reach a further distance while maintaining consistent pressure on the handle to ensure a smoother score and cleaner snap.


  • MAX easy-grip push handle
  • Ball bearing carbide scoring wheel
  • Spring-loaded tile support table
  • Swiveling measurement bar (in inches)
  • Locking angle mechanism (-45 to +45 degrees)
  • Cuts material between 1/16" and 3/4" (20 mm)

Sigma MAX Tile Cutter Specifications
Model Sigma 3B4M Sigma 3C3M Sigma 3D3M
Length of Cut 24 in 30 in 36 in
Diagonally Cuts 16 in 20 in 26 in
Weight 24 lbs 28 lbs 30 lb