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9450-0200-2P Laticrete 3' x 5' x 2" Hydro Ban Board - Pallet

9450-0200-2P Laticrete 3' x 5' x 2" Hydro Ban Board - Pallet

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Laticrete 3' x 5' x 2" HYDRO BAN Board - 15 Piece Pallet

Laticrete HYDRO BAN Board is a lightweight, high-density foam backer board. This tile backer board is made from waterproof, high density polystyrene which is coated in a reinforced waterproof layer. Weighing approximately 6 lbs., installation of these foam backer board panels is a quick and easy job.


  • 3' x 5' x 2" (50 mm) sheet panel
  • 15 panels per pallet
  • Screws and Washers Sold Separately

HYDRO BAN Board Applications

  • Tile installations
  • Showers, kitchens, tub surrounds
  • Steam rooms (when used with a vapor barrier)
  • Use to construct your own benches, seats and curbs
  • For interior use only; not for use in submerged applications


  • Light weight board - only 3 lbs!
  • Ready to tile
  • Easy to handle
  • Made with waterproof, high-density polystyrene core
  • Coated with a reinforced waterproof layer
  • Adds additional insulation to the assembly
  • Cuts easily with a knife
  • Part of the LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty
  • Attaches to metal or wood framing using HYDRO BAN Board Tab Washer and Screws (sold separately) - Washers required for ceiling panels only
  • Remember to use HYDRO BAN Waterproofing Membrane on the screws/washers to maintain a fully waterproofed installation
  • Use as a fully adhered wall board over masonry or cementitious substrates

Suitable Substrates (Interior Only)

  • Wood or metal studded walls
  • Masonry, brick, or concrete