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Back Butter Buddy

Back Butter Buddy

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Back Butter Buddy

The Ultimate installation tool for large tile and stone insuring a secure bond to substrates, tiles must be "back buttered" with setting material, especially 12" and larger sizes.


  • Easy "BACK-BUTTERING" of large Tile and Stone
  • With its 360 degree spinning capability, The Back Butter Buddy makes the back buttering process simple and easy
  • Fits most standard 3-1/2 & 5 Gallon buckets (bucket not included)
  • Designed for Tile and Stone 12" and up
  • Support up to 200 lbs
  • Securely attaches to bucket top
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Eliminates fatigue and injury
  • Reduces breakage of tile and stone
  • Invented by contractor for contractor
  • Fits most standard 3-1/2 & 5 Gallon buckets

How to Use

  • Attach Back Butter Buddy to top of Bucket
  • Stack one or more tiles face down onto Back Butter Buddy
  • Apply thinset mortar
  • Simply rotate tile continuing to spread (Back Butter) the thinset mortar
  • Continue rotating while Back Buttering tile until surface fully covered
  • Tile is ready to install