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Barwalt All Season KN Knee Pads

Barwalt All Season KN Knee Pads

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Barwalt All Season KN Knee Pad

NEW! All Season KN Knee Pad! It has the same longer lasting outer shell and the ultra comfortable liner as the original KN style accordion top knee pad but we have added a cloth cover over the liner and replaced the rubber straps with cloth ones with an adjustable buckle. Also, the liner cover actually provides additional cushioned comfort regardless if you are wearing shorts or jeans!


  • Original lightweight shell in a new color and durable EVA lioner
  • More comfortable to wear year round, even with shorts
  • Waterproof non-skid knee pads
  • Easy on your work surface
  • Two cloth straps with an adjustable buckle
  • Cloth covers and straps are washable for easy care
  • Both cloth covers and straps are replaceable
  • Made in the USA