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Collomix DLX152HF Hexafix Mixing Paddle

Collomix DLX152HF Hexafix Mixing Paddle

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Collomix DLX152HF Low Viscosity Mixing Paddle


  • Ideal for mixing leveling compound, thin-bed mortar, liquid covering, bitumen-free sealing and for larger volumes of liquid materials
  • Specially developed for the optimum preparation of thin-bed mortar for the cementing of concrete precision blocks
  • Two turbine blades are fitted one above the other providing a strong flow of material to prevent lump formation
  • 8.0-13.2 gallon mixing volume
  • 5-1/2" paddle diameter
  • 3/4" Hexafix attachment

HEXAFIX Paddle Construction

  • Provides quick paddle disconnect
  • Ease of paddle cleaning
  • Positive paddle lock design
  • Hexagon design for power drills and Hexafix mixers