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Collomix Replacement Buckets & Dolly

Collomix Replacement Buckets & Dolly

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Collomix Buckets and Bucketcart


  • 8GB - Bucket, heavy polyethylene, 8 gal. / 1.1 cu.ft max. capacity
  • Made of high-quality polyethylene, strong and durable, with metal carrying handle; ideal for fillers and many other materials, 30 Liters capacity
  • 17GB - Bucket, heavy polyethylene, 17 gal. / 2.3 cu.ft max. capacity
  • Made of high-strength material, tear-off-resistant handles; suitable for all materials; for the use in ColloMatic automatic mixing machines, 65 Liters capacity
  • BC 17 - Bucket trolley easily transports and pours 17 gal. / 2.3 cu.ft. buckets
  • Purchase of Bucketcart is for the cart only - Buckets and mixers are all SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Cart designed with pneumatic tires and bucket tilting device
  • With tub lock for pouring out liquid material; only one person is required for all operations