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Donnelly Distribution Clip Dozer

Donnelly Distribution Clip Dozer

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Donnelly Distribution Clip Dozer

Made in the USA!! Finally a convenient way to remove tile leveling clips quick and easy. The clip dozer is designed to make your clean up a breeze with no more bending over hitting clips with a rubber mallet, or kicking each one hoping that it does not chip your tile. This 39" handle keeps you moving taking down clips in its path!


  • No more bending over knocking clips with a mallet or hammer
  • Removes clips fast and easy
  • Heavy duty tool with consistent force, breaking clips clean off in a single push
  • Clips are broken off from the side after thin-set is completely dry


  • Walk the Clip Dozer in a straight line from the side of clips to knock free
  • Thin-set must be dry and has had time to set
  • Keep consistent force while walking the Clip Dozer for a clean break
  • Enjoy the clean up