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Dust Hog Pro Vacuum Attachment

Dust Hog Pro Vacuum Attachment

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Dust Hog Pro Vacuum Attachment Tool

The ultimate dust reduction vacuum attachment tool that not only reduces clean up time and labor but also creates a safer working environment.


  • Made from high durable molded plastic
  • Engineered to support 50 lb bags for easy loading in the mixing container
  • A compliance OSHA solution
  • Minimizes dust that can contaminate HVAC systems
  • Allows for mixing closer to the installation
  • Helps meet OSHA jobsite dust control regulations
  • Fits on most vacuum hoses
  • Works with a wide variety of container sizes and will sit hands free on the side of the lid
  • Independent lab tested
  • Two intake ports create a vortex inside the mixing container to capture the maximum amount of dust
  • Made in USA