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Goof Proof Square Drain Kit

Goof Proof Square Drain Kit

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Goof Proof Square Drain by Mark E. Industries

The Goof Proof Square Drain is a 4" square shower drain with a tile on surface to match the aesthetic of the shower tile. This kit comes complete with the components needed to install a square shower drain and is designed for use with the Quick-Pitch or Pre-Pitch Shower Drain Float Sticks.


  • Tile-on insert for uniform shower floor - no metal grates available for this system
  • Equipped with slots to fit the Quick Pitch shower system by Mark E Industries for a perfectly pitched shower to the drain
  • Can be used with roll-on, vinyl and sheet membranes

What's Included?
  • (1) Tile-On Square Drain
  • (1) Drain Flange Assembly with Threaded Clamp Ring
  • (1) Threaded Riser and Insert
  • (1) Hair Screen
  • (1) Insert Removal Tool