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Laticrete 108 ft² Waterproofing Sheet Membrane

Laticrete 108 ft² Waterproofing Sheet Membrane

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Laticrete Hydro Ban 108 ft2 (10 m2) Waterproofing Sheet Membrane


  • 3'3" x 33' = 108 ft2 (1 m x 10 m = 10 m2)
  • High performance low-perm waterproofing sheet membrane
  • For use in interior, residential and commercial waterproofing applications including steam showers and steam rooms
  • Constructed of a thin, durable polyethylene core with a fused non-woven polypropylene exterior surface for optimum bond strength
  • Allows for the appropriate mortar usage polymer-modified or unmodified, depending upon substrate and type of tile used
  • Allows for quick easy waterproofing installations which will retain their integrity for the life of the installation
  • Backed by an available lifetime system warranty
  • Approved for steam showers/rooms
  • Allows for polymer-modified or unmodified mortar usage
  • Pliable construction conforms easily to substrate
  • Allows for installation over green mortar beds
  • Durable polypropylene surface fused to the core for optimal bond strength and integrity
  • Allows for usage of polymer-modified or unmodified mortar, use proper mortar for the job