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Laticrete Blue 92 Anti-Fracture Membrane 5 Gallon Liquid

Laticrete Blue 92 Anti-Fracture Membrane 5 Gallon Liquid

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Laticrete Blue 92 Anti-Fracture Membrane 5 Gallon Liquid

Two–part system consisting of a liquid rubber and reinforcing fabric. When cured, it forms a highly flexible membrane. While the thin bed method of tile installation provides many advantages, this method can be affected by problems with shrinkage cracking in concrete and other types of substrates. Cracks can telegraph through the tile and/or grout joints. To reduce or eliminate cracks in tile work, a flexible membrane should be applied to the cracked substrate prior to the installations of ceramic tile, marble and stone


  • Reduces crack transmission in ceramic tile, thin brick, marble and stone installed using thin-set method. Also ideal for use under cement based or resin Terrazzo
  • Inhibits the growth of stain causing mold and mildew with Microban antimicrobial protection
  • Thin adds no appreciable thickness to floor construction; install tile with LATICRETE Polymer Fortified Thin-Set Mortar directly to cured membrane
  • “Extra Heavy Service” rating per TCNA performance levels (RE: ASTM C627 Robinson Floor Test)
  • Easy to Apply goes on quickly with paint brush or roller; no mixing or special equipment required
  • Fast Cure dries in a few hours to receive finished surfacing
  • Easy Cleanup cleans with water while fresh
  • Safe no solvents or harsh fumes, non-flammable


  • For interior or exterior use on floors and walls whenever hairline cracking or “spider-webbing” occurs in the substrate
  • For use over shrinkage and other non-structural cracks up to 1/8" (3 mm)
  • Typical applications are over concrete slabs (suspended or on grade) in malls, lobbies and residential applications under ceramic tile, marble and stone
  • Use to cover joints in plywood under-layments, cement backer boards, and concrete masonry on floors and walls
  • Also use over concrete floors and under-layments with radiant heating systems


  • Approximately 300 sq ft. (28 sq m) at 20 mil thickness per full unit
  • Approximately 75 linear ft. (23 linear m) per crack suppression kit