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Laticrete Grout PERMACOLOR Select NS Base

Laticrete Grout PERMACOLOR Select NS Base

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Laticrete PERMACOLOR Select NS Grout Base

A premium, polymer-fortified un-sanded cement base grout is designed for very delicate surfaces such as highly polished marble and soft glass. This non-sanded grout is combined with PERMACOLOR Select grout color pigments that give a professional and perfect look to your tile job.


  • Comes in an 8 lbs. carton to be combined with 1 single PERMACOLOR Select Color Kit
  • For joints up to 1/4" (6 mm) between soft bisque glazed wall tile, non-vitreous clay tile, marble, stone and porcelain or glass
  • Equipped with STONETECH sealer technology
  • Suitable for wet or dry, indoor, outdoor or submerged areas
  • Non-dusting, non-spalling, non-yellowing, non-shrinking
  • Formulated from a blend of high strength Portland cement, polymers
  • Provides a dense, durable grout joint in a multitude of colors
  • No pre-soaking or wetting tile
  • No damp curing required
  • Only un-sanded grout that exceeds ANSI 118.7