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Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower Trays

Laticrete Hydro Ban Shower Trays

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Laticrete Hydro Ban Pre-Sloped Shower Trays

HYDRO BAN Shower Pans provide the convenience of a smaller, easier to handle multi-piece pre-fab shower pan for waterproofing shower applications. These pans are best used in industrial, commercial and residential bathrooms, as well as stalled gang showers and pet showers where a pre-sloped shower is required.


  • Pre-sloped shower pan eliminates the need for traditional mud bed installations
  • Lightweight and durable, easy to transport and handle during shower installation
  • Can quickly and easily be modified to size on site
  • Comes with an EPS pan along with HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane, a waterproof sheet membrane which is used to cover the pan
  • Exceeds ANSI A118.10 requirements, is IAPMO approved and is tested to ASTM E96/E96M Procedure E-0.06 Perms approved for steam showers / steam rooms as single membrane
  • Other shower components sold separately