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Montolit BATTILE-PRO Vibrating Suction Cup LFT & Slabs

Montolit BATTILE-PRO Vibrating Suction Cup LFT & Slabs

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Montolit Vibrating Suction Cup for Tiles and Slabs 16 V lithium ion battery

Montolit BATTILE PRO powered by a 16 V lithium ion battery thumping Suction Cup is designed for both handling large format tiles and slabs and vibrating the tile over the adhesive to eliminate any air bubbles that can effect the bonding of the tile to the substrate.


  • Suction cup is used for handling ceramic slabs, porcelain stoneware, granite, marble and glass
  • 55 lbs. (25 kg) weight capacity
  • Easy-to-use lever for suction cup use
  • Vibration on tile is necessary for large slabs to guarantee perfect adhesion and eliminate any void that can effect bonding
  • Additional handle to apply pressure while vibrating tile
  • Equipped with a LED light
  • Can be used to vibrate wall or floor tiles
  • Vibration intensity is adjustable from 5,000 to 12,000 vibrations / minute
  • Charging time is 2-1/2 hr, 1 A current
  • Built in 16V. 2 Ah. - 32 Wh. LI-on battery provides long life from just one charge
  • NOTE:For heavy slabs or tiles, the BATTILE-PRO should not be used as an individual suction cup lifter

What's Included?

  • Montolit BATTILE Vibrating Suction Cup
  • Charging Cord
  • BTL-P4 battery 16V 2 Ah. LI-on battery
  • Carrying Case