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Montolit Masterpiuma Evo 3. 12mm Push Handle Complete

Montolit Masterpiuma Evo 3. 12mm Push Handle Complete

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Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 Complete Push Handle, Art. 506


  • New tensioner on handle to keep it tight
  • New lubricator for wheel applies oil directly to the scoring wheel to ensure smooth and consistent scoring
  • Cast aluminum push handle features a dual breaker for all types of ceramic, porcelain and glass tile
  • 12 mm rail width replacement handle for tile cutter (push version)
  • Titanium cutting wheel included

Fits the following snap cutters

  • Fits models 29" and larger
  • Raimondi Push Cutters
  • Montolit Masterpiuma Push Cutters
  • QEP Porcelain King Push Cutters
  • Masterpiuma P Evolution 2 - Art. 75P2, Art. 93P2, Art. 63P2
  • Masterpiuma Evolution 3. Art. 75P3, Art. 93P3