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Montolit Minipiuma Tile Cutters

Montolit Minipiuma Tile Cutters

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Montolit Minipiuma Professional Push Tile Cutters

The Minipiuma is a smaller semi-professional manual push tile cutter designed for cutting small porcelain tiles. By using the mosaicpad (sold separately), the Minipiuma enables the user to easily cut glass mosaic, porcelain, ceramics and small glass tiles.


  • Same Masterpiuma scoring and breaking power for small scale porcelain, ceramic glass and mosaic tile!
  • deal for the installation of porcelain tiles and mosaic in confined spaces, where small tiles are commonly installed, such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Ergonomic handle for maximum strength
  • Cast aluminum and nickel-plated steel build provides durability and corrosion resistance
  • Tile breaker device made of special non-scratch plastic
  • Includes a titanium scoring wheel
  • Protractor square and extension close away without protruding beyond the profile of the machine
  • Spring tables for easy tile splitting
  • Measurements In Imperial (US Standard)
  • Made in Italy with high quality materials and production processes, fully respecting the environment

Minipiuma Tile Cutter Specs
Model 26PB 43PB
Length of Cut 14" (36 cm) 18" (45 cm)
Diagonally Cuts 10" (25 cm) 12" (31 cm)
Weight 12.8 lb. (5.8 kg) 13.8 lb. (6.3 kg)