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Montolit Professional "Crab" Nippers

Montolit Professional "Crab" Nippers

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Montolit "Crab" Scoring Tile Nippers

Crab Nippers are made of carbon-alloy steel forged with the latest technology combining its excellence and precision to make a well balanced ergonomic tile nipper for porcelain, ceramic, glass and more!


  • Guarantees precision and excellent material handling up to 15mm thick tile
  • Smooth handling on finishing your operation on delicate materials like glass and mosaic tiles
  • Comfortable grip with the rubber coating on the metal handles and special curve design that contours to your hand preventing discomfort and fatigue making operation smooth
  • The spring loaded re-opening of the handles provides pressure during applications snapping materials with ease
  • One rotating wheel make it possible to mark material before nipping process begins preventing damage beyond line
  • Special thumb imprint allows the perfect amount of pressure to be applied during the process of marking
  • Extremely light and comfortable this is the perfect nipper for you