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Montolit "SuperLift" Handling System for Large Tiles

Montolit "SuperLift" Handling System for Large Tiles

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Montolit "SuperLift" Handling System for Large Format Tiles - Full Kit

The SuperLift carrying frame allows the user to move the tile slabs in both horizontal and vertical positions. This tool is equipped with telescopic feet to allow support on the ground so that the tile is held in the frame without being damaged.



  • The overall design and dimensions of this tool allow for removal of slabs from the packaging crates that they are shipped in
  • Made of galvanized steel to resist water and corrosion
  • Telescopic handles for a much more ergonomic grip and comfort
  • 8" suction cups are equipped with a vacuum safety gauge to indicate the force of suction before moving and or lifting
  • Can move tiles horizontally or vertically
  • Placement of suction cups is customize-able to better suit the tile/slab that you are moving
  • Can be used with extra suction cups sold separately
  • Transport slabs on wheels without fatigue
  • Max load 176 lbs