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QEP Flat Lash Tile Leveling System (1000 per box)

QEP Flat Lash Tile Leveling System (1000 per box)

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The QEP Tile Leveling Clips Value Pack (1000 per Box) are part A of a two-part installation system engineered to level, align, space and hold large body porcelain tile, marble and stone during installation. This part of the system works by automatically aligning and spacing tiles. The wedge part B of the system (sold separately) works by maintaining tiles at an even height until the mortar sets, thereby ensuring the resulting surface is level and free of slippage. The system is used by professionals to save time while providing level and consistently spaced results.


· Weak spot creates easy break-off point

· Holds tile firmly to ensure a lippage-free surface

· Base allows motor to hold in place

· This set includes 1000 base pieces that are 1/16'' thick

· Small holes allow mortar to disperse evenly to eliminate potential voids