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QEP Slimline Tile Cutters

QEP Slimline Tile Cutters

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QEP X-TREME Series Slimline Tile Cutters

QEP has introduced the X-TREME Series Slimline tile cutters that are only 3-3/4" wide and lighter than most standard tile cutters. This lightweight cutter is perfect for carrying from job site to job site without any extra effort.


  • Narrow width, less bulky than regular tile cutters
  • Metal rip guide
  • Equipped with replaceable tungsten carbide 7/8" cutting wheel
  • Reinforced thick steel base with tile support arms
  • Die cast aluminum rail supports
  • Designed for cutting most ceramic and porcelain tile
  • Linear ball bearing slides for smooth scoring
  • Base includes side arm extensions to support large format tiles

What's Included?
  • QEP X-TREME Series Slimline Tile Cutter
  • 7/8" Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel
  • Operator's Manual

Model 10624Q 10632Q 10624Q
Length of Cut 24 inch 30 inch 36 inch
Diagonally Cuts 18 inch 21 inch 25 inch
Weight 13.25 lbs. 15.8 lbs. 18 lbs.