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Raimondi 3/8" Slanted Notched Trowel

Raimondi 3/8" Slanted Notched Trowel

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Raimondi 3/8" Slanted Notched Trowels


  • When placing tile on adhesive spread with a slanted ridge, the ridges overlap and collapse to provide superior adhesive coverage on the back of the tile vs. a standard notched trowel
  • Superior adhesive bonding also increases the efficiency of in floor heating systems since it removes air pockets which inhibit the transfer of heat to the flooring
  • Collapsible ridge provides maximum coverage is even more valuable in cases where bond failure is more prevalent such as: large format tile installations (8”x8” and up), high moisture areas such as pools & spa’s, and installations subject to extremes in temperature (i.e. exterior installations, or installations beneath large windows)
  • The rounded shape of the notch reduces the chance of the adhesive “binding” and ripping away the ridges while troweling
  • The adhesive does not bind in the rounded corners of this notch so the adhesive ridges stay intact
  • Top quality made in Italy 22 gauge Stainless steel
  • Handle base is made of polished aluminum electro-welded to the blade and fastened by a non-slip screw
  • Anti-slip, comfortable rubber handle
  • Trowel weight is 12 oz