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Raimondi Cart for Transporting Large Tile

Raimondi Cart for Transporting Large Tile

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Raimondi Cart for Transporting and Storing Large Tile

Raimondi Advanced Art is designed for transporting large format tile and handling material to spread adhesive on the back of the tile ("back-buttering"). For ideal safety when handling large format tile, use the this transport cart with the Raimondi EASY-MOVE Vacuum Transport System.


  • Designed to handle large format tile up to 10-1/2' L x 5-1/2' W x 15/32" H (3200 x 1600 x 6 mm)
  • Allows easy and safe spreading of adhesive on the back of tile, known as "back-buttering"
  • Comes with two height-adjustable hooks for holding Raimondi EASY-MOVE (and previous models) with the slab fasten on them
  • When using with the EASY-MOVE, the suction cups remain accessible to restore suction when using textured tiles
  • One side of the cart can be used as storage for one or more slabs
  • On storage side, there are 2 height adjustable rubber supports to prevent accidental damage to the slab
  • Adjustable safety hook on stop to prevent the slabs from falling
  • Wooden planes with rubber edges on both sides provide safe support for large format tile
  • Equipped with 4 pivoting wheels - 2 wheels have brakes to prevent accidental movement
  • Lightweight due to design aluminum components
  • Maximum load: 551 lbs (250 Kg).