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Raimondi e-FOX Vibrating Plate for Large Format Tiles

Raimondi e-FOX Vibrating Plate for Large Format Tiles

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Raimondi e-FOX 2in1 Battery Powered Vibrator For Large Format Tiles

The brand new e-FOX vibrating plate tile hammer is essential to eliminate the air that can be trapped under the large format tiles during installation. If these air pockets are not removed, once the adhesive cures, the air will generate a vacuum that will make the tile sheets easily subject to breakage.


  • Replaces the VSVOLPINO corded vibrator
  • Professional battery-powered vibrating tile hammer system designed to pulsate the surface of large format tiles preventing air pockets from forming beneath the tile
  • Removing air pockets secures a full bond between the mud bed and the tile, preventing potential cracks
  • Lightweight, compact design and 3 ergonomic handles makes the vibrator easy to handle whether on wall or floor tiles
  • No more cables getting in the way of your working area
  • Wide battery autonomy as it is possible to vibrate between 150 and 200 square meters (approx 500-600 sq ft) on a single charge
  • 2 products sold in one, as the system can be broken down into a smaller 15cm x 15cm vibrator perfect for smaller surfaces and tile sizes
  • Both plates provide low friction on the plate which translate to less operator fatigue
  • Consistent vibration and uniformity allows you to operate the machine at high capacity without damaging the tile surface, even in the most risky situations (such as when holes or cut-outs have been made in a slab)
  • Light weight (12 lbs large plate, and 7 lbs small plate)
  • Triangular point is designed to easily reach corners

Raimondi e-FOX Vibrator Specifications
Motor Battery-Powered 12V direct current, 38.5 wh battery power
Motor Frequency in RPM 3500
Vibration Surface 21cm x 41cm (15xm x 15cm smaller removable plate)
Weight 19 lbs