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Raimondi EASY-MOVE 6 Vacuum Cups Transport Kit

Raimondi EASY-MOVE 6 Vacuum Cups Transport Kit

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TCLFPTB6VG Raimondi EASY-MOVE 6 Vacuum Cups Transport Kit

Thin panel tile transport with strong vacuum suction cup for handling large format tiles up TO 10.5’ length


  • Maximum tile/slab length: 10.5' (320 cm), minimum 3.3' (100 cm)
  • Composed of 2 adjustable aluminum profiles with 6 vacuum suction cups
  • Suction cups slide along aluminum profiles easily with "Quick Lock-Release" handle system
  • Suction cups are free to tilt/pivot (+/- 1.25°) to provide maximum grip in every situation
  • Six 6-7/8" vacuum suction cups are gauged for textured tiles and are built with non-marking rubber
  • RV175 suction cup is made in Italy perfect for texture tile
  • Vacuum pump system allows you to restore or increase vacuum grip while still attached to the tile
  • Red line on pump cylinder indicates when the vacuum is losing pressure
  • Telescopic, ergonomic handles are equipped with "Quick Lock-Release" for easy moment allowing for proper placement and comfort to the user
  • Crossbars are equipped with quick lock-release system and with safety hooks for extra security