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Raimondi Two 6" Vacuum Suction Cups for Easy-Move

Raimondi Two 6" Vacuum Suction Cups for Easy-Move

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Raimondi 6" Two Vacuum Suction Cups for Easy-Move TCLFVCGCB

Two vacuum suction cups with Gauge for Easy-Move large format frames. Can be added onto the crossbars for a full-frame.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport devices that give the maximum versatility thanks to the adjustable extension so to adapt to tiles sizes to handle them
  • Maximum tile/slab length: 10.5' minimum 3.3' in order to handle slabs with a shorter length, it is suggested to separate the two profiles and use just one of them
  • Suction cups units can slide along the aluminum profiles in few moments thanks to the “quick lock release” handles system
  • Suction cups units are free to tilt/pivot (+/- 1.25°) so to adapt to the tile and therefore to provide the maximum grip in every situation. This is particularly useful for textured tiles
  • Vacuum (pump) suction cups Ø 6", perfect for textured tiles. Built with special stain-free rubber (grey color), which does not leave stains on the tiles.
  • Stain free vacuum suction cups are perfect for smooth and textured tiles
  • The “vacuum” (pump) system allows to restore or increase vacuum while suction cup is still attached to the tile.
  • Vacuum gauge precisely indicates when it is needed to restore the vacuum.