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RTC Spin Doctor 1/32" Red Threaded Spacer/Posts - 250 Piece

RTC Spin Doctor 1/32" Red Threaded Spacer/Posts - 250 Piece

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Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System, 1/32" Red Threaded Posts/Spacers

The Spin Doctor tile leveling system is a new tile leveling system that does not require any tools or pliers for installation. The free-spinning leveling cap spins down the spacer screw with minimal effort, allowing the installer to secure the cap and level the tile with only one hand.


  • Sold in 250 piece boxes of 1/32" threaded posts/spacers
  • Use with tile up to 3/4" thick
  • Provides 1/32" grout joint

How to Install Tile with the RTC Spin Doctor Leveling System

  • Lay the tile in the desired position
  • Place the threaded spacers right underneath each exposed edge of tile
  • Ensure that direct contact is made between the spacer and the tile and that no mortar exists between the two
  • Put the free-spinning cap on the top of the threaded spacer post and spin the cap down to the tile surface
  • Continue spinning cap until all adjacent tile surfaces are flat and level
  • One tile adhesive has cured, use a rubber mallet to remove the cap and threaded post from the installed tile
  • Caps can be cleaned and reused