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Rubi EXTREME 22mm Scoring Wheel for TP/SLIM Cutters

Rubi EXTREME 22mm Scoring Wheel for TP/SLIM Cutters

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Rubi 22mm (7/8") EXTREME Scoring Wheel for TP/SLIM Tile Cutters

This scoring wheel has exclusive sharpening which allows for exceptional quality in scoring of ceramic tiles with rough surfaces finishes and/or structured tiles of high hardness.


  • Ball nearing mounted providing a soft scratch
  • Made of Tungsten carbide with a superficial Titanium treatment
  • Suitable for all surfaces for sharp scoring in hard ceramics with rough or structured surfaces
  • High resistance to wear
  • Titanium surface treatment extends life of this scoring wheel
  • Shaft made with a patented geometry for maximum precision and minimum vibration
  • For the TP and SLIM tile cutters
  • 22mm (7/8") scoring wheel