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Rubi Slab Cutter G3

Rubi Slab Cutter G3

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Rubi Slab Cutter G3

The Rubi Slab Cutter G3 manual cutting system allows you to make precise cuts in large-format porcelain sheets.


  • Can make cuts in pieces up to 126" inches (10.4 ft)
  • The capacity can be increased in sections of 3.6 ft for each incorporated guide added
  • New G3 guides are made of red aluminum, reducing the weight of the entire tool
  • Each Slab Cutter includes 3 red G3 guides
  • Each guide integrates two suction cups to secure it to the tile
  • The suction cups have a new "non-marking" rubber base that allows you to work on light-colored materials without the risk of staining them
  • The scoring carriage is light, as it is made of aluminum, and exerts greater marking power
  • It moves smoothly through the guides on three horizontal bearings
  • The "soft-grip" handle provides ergonomics and comfort for the user
  • Equipped with a 7/8" inch EXTREME scoring wheel suitable for working on materials with rough and structured surface finish and smooth or polished finishes
  • Includes a Slab nipper with the capacity to separate materials up to .39" (10 mm) thick
  • The Slab nipper has dual functionality: A nipper for materials up to .23" (6 mm ) thick and a clamp of screw for those materials up to .39" (10 mm
  • The design and double function of the pliers allow the separation to be carried out with the minimum effort on the user's part
  • Includes a practical textile bag reinforced and equipped with internal compartments to store and secure all the components of the Slab Cutter G3

What's Includes

  • Three (3) red G3 guides
  • One (1) G3 scoring carriage equipped with a 7/8" inch EXTREME scoring wheel
  • One (1) Slab Nipper
  • One (1) Textile Carrying Bag
  • Operator's Manual