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Rubi Tile Regulator

Rubi Tile Regulator

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Rubi Tile Regulator & Tile Gap Closer

The Rubi Tool Regulator is a professional new accessory that will allow the tile installer to quickly and precisely adjust the laying joint generated when installing the piece, both in wall coverings and on flooring.


  • Specially designed for works with porcelain sheets and large-format tiles
  • Equipped with two 150 mm diameter vacuum suction cups and suitable for a wide variety of surface finishes
  • Once the suction cups are attached to both pieces of tile, you can adjust the size of the placement joint from 0 to 1.5 inches maximum
  • Allows you to adjust the horizontal level of the pieces from 0 to 0.78 inches and in pieces up to a maximum weight of (100 kg)
  • This tool is designed so that the small adjustments that, in tiles of more manipulable formats, would be made manually can be executed easily and quickly