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Rubi TX-1250 Max Tile Cutter Bundle

Rubi TX-1250 Max Tile Cutter Bundle

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Rubi Tools TX-1250 Max Kit

Rubi TX-MAX professional tile cutters offer high breaking power (up to 1,200 kg./ 2,646 lbs.) on all types of ceramic tile, porcelain stoneware and extruded stoneware with a simple one-handed operation. Equipped with floating tables and supplementary arms, the TX-MAX tile cutters are able to cut large size ceramic tiles.


TX-1250 Max Features

  • 8 mm and 22 mm EXTREME scoring wheels are included for highly precise tile scoring
  • Able to cut 1/8" - 13/16" thick material
  • Heavy duty, reinforced components
  • Scoring head with extra-long aluminum slides and "self-lubricating" friction bushings
  • Portable breaker with aluminum pressure pad has a plastic protector to avoid marking delicate surfaces
  • Better visibility of the scoring and cutting zone
  • Pressure pad is locked by a ratchet mechanism and is unlocked by a tripper, allowing one-handed scoring and breaking
  • Pressure pad increases performance with both thin and thick materials
  • Floating tables and supplementary arms increase stability for large sized tiles
  • Rotating square with center pivot point and lateral end stop
  • Handle with soft grip for better ergonomics and comfort

Pro Knee Pads Features

  • Extended heel on cover allows user to sit back on heels while working distributing the body weight evenly, which helps eliminate back problems
  • Professional quality knee pads
  • Secured by adjustable elastic band
  • Replaceable ergonomic knee pads for Ergonomic Seat SR1
  • Flame laminated inner sponge for added comfort cool max liner wicks away moisture leaving the user cool and dry
  • Uniquely designed cover-bends with the knee flat kneeling surface creates stability while kneeling and eliminates strain on the lower back cover removes from the padding for easy cleaning

Extreme 22mm Scoring Wheel Features

  • Ball nearing mounted providing a soft scratch and a life of 300%, compared to SILVER scoring wheels
  • Made of Tungsten carbide with a superficial Titanium treatment
  • Suitable for all surfaces for sharp scoring in hard ceramics with rough or structured surfaces
  • High resistance to wear
  • Titanium surface treatment extends life of this scoring wheel
  • Shaft made with a patented geometry for maximum precision and minimum vibration
  • For the TZ, and TX-max tile cutters
  • 22mm (7/8") scoring wheel

What's Included?

  • One (1) Rubi TX-MAX Series Tile Cutter
  • One (1) pair Rubi Professional Knee Pads
  • One (1) 8 mm EXTREME Scoring Wheel
  • Two (2) 22 mm EXTREME Scoring Wheel
  • Carrying Case

Rubi TX-1250 MAX Tile Cutter Specifications
Model TX-1250 MAX
Length of Cut 125 cm / 49 in
Diagonally Cuts 85 cm / 33 in
Weight 57 lbs.