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Sigma 96" XL Tile Cutter

Sigma 96" XL Tile Cutter

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Sigma 96" XL Large Format Tile Cutter

Sigma XL Series Tile Cutters features an aluminum alloy frame and sliding guide for smooth cutting on large format tiles. Equipped with an ergonomic handle with 3 bearings sliding on a steel rail, this XL tile cutter will make perfectly straight cuts over time.


  • Equipped with double measurement bars for parallel cuts and pivoting support up to 45°
  • Double springing for a cushioned break, essential for rough or textured surface tiles
  • Wide breaker foot gap for easily cutting thicker tiles
  • Protective breaker foot to prevent marking material
  • Scoring wheel equipped with a side clearance recovery system
  • Ergonomic handle optimized for push cutting
  • Complete with wheels for easy transport


  • Straight cutting length: 96" (245 cm)
  • Diagonal cutting length: 70" (180 cm)
  • Max cutting thickness: 3/4" (19 mm)
  • Weight: 95 lbs