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Sigma Front Measure

Sigma Front Measure

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90E4 Sigma Front Measure

Keep your cuts accurate on both ends of the cutter. Support bracket for tiles to make perfectly parallel cuts.


  • Fits models: 3G, 3L, 3B2, 3C2, 3D2, 3G3M, 3L3M, 3B3M, 3C3M, 3D3M, 3P3M, 3E3M, 3F3M (Serie 3 Max) 3GK, 3LK, 3B2K, 3C2K, 3D2K, 3P2K, 3E2K (Serie Klick Klock)
  • Millimeter scale from 30 to 400 mm .
  • Fixed on the central bar of the Sigma tile cutters