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Spin Doctor 1/16" Spacers

Spin Doctor 1/16" Spacers

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Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System, 1/16" White Threaded Posts

Large format tile is becoming increasingly popular on both residential and commercial job sites. Although tile is getting bigger, thicker, and becoming more difficult to install, the new RTC Products Spin Doctor Tile Lippage Control System is here to help.

Attaining a flat and level tile floor or wall has never been so simple. Other systems require the use of unique tools or pliers, but the Spin Doctor tile leveling system can be installed by hand. The patented free-spinning leveling caps can be spun down the threaded post with just one hand; the minimal effort required is notably helpful when installing large format tile.


  • Spin Doctor 1/16" spacers/posts are available in 100 or 250 piece boxes
  • Safe to use with tile up to 3/4" thick
  • For a thicker grout joint, 1/8" Spin Doctor posts are also available

How to Use the Spin Doctor Leveling System

  • Place your tile in the desired position
  • Position the threaded spacer posts under the exposed edges of the tile to best suit the tile size and layout. Posts can be used in multiple configurations, such as a linear spacer, a "T" spacer, or a four-corner spacer
  • Make sure there is direct contact between the spacer and the tile without mortar in between
  • Place the rotating cap on the top of the threaded spacer post and spin the cap down to the tile surface
  • Turn cap as needed until all adjacent surfaces are flush
  • Remove spacer posts and caps with a rubber mallet once tile adhesive has cured
  • Caps are easy to clean and re-use!