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Spin Doctor Shields 100 Piece

Spin Doctor Shields 100 Piece

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Spin Doctor Leveling System Shields

The Spin Doctor leveling system is one of the fastest and most convenient tile leveling systems on the market.

The 100 piece protective tile shields serve as a protective buffer between the tile and the leveling cap. Shields slide down the threaded post and sit above the tile to ensure the tile does not get nicked or marked when tightening the leveling cap onto the threaded post. Additionally, the shields are translucent so the installer can see the entire grout joint and check for any inconsistencies or tile lippage.


  • No tool required - Freely spin the leveling cap down to the tile surface in seconds using only two fingers
  • Reusable caps - Leveling caps can be used job after job with no decrease in performance
  • Surface protection - Shields serve as an anti-friction surface protector between the tile and leveling cap
  • Better visibility - Shields are translucent so you can see the grout joint and any potential tile lippage

How to Use the RTC Spin Doctor System

  • Set your tile in the desired position
  • Position the spacers directly under the edge of the exposed tile - make certain there is direct contact between the threaded spacer posts and tile with no mortar in between
  • If using the protective shields, slide the shield down the post until it meets the surface of the tile
  • Put free-spinning cap on the top of the threaded spacer post and spin the cap down to the tile surface
  • Turn cap until all adjacent tile surfaces are flush
  • Remove the leveling caps and posts with a rubber mallet after tile adhesive has cured
  • Clean off shields with warm water and re-use

Additional Components Sold Separately