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Tavy Tile Puck Level & Lippage Detector

Tavy Tile Puck Level & Lippage Detector

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Tavy Tile Puck Level & Lippage Detector

Great for setting tile, but bad for hockey. If you want to instantly know if your tiles are level, this is your tool. Easy to use and will eliminate the need for any other level.


  • Makes accurate setting of marble quicker and easier!
  • Can be used for any number of leveling applications
  • Showers seats, counter tops, Kitchen appliances, machines, you name it
  • Made of non-marking polyethylene plastic, measures only 5" in diameter, 1" thick and weights 10 ounces

Directions for Lippage Detecting

  • Slide the TAVY TILE PUCK back and forth on walls or floors from tile to tile or slab to slab and listen for clicking to detect lippage

Directions for Leveling

  • Place the TAVY TILE PUCK on any portion of any flat surface to get an instant reading in all directions at one time

Helpful Hints

  • Gently spinning the TAVY TILE PUCK when using it will help keep the edges sharp

Armen Tavy Says...

My Tile Puck is placed on the first piece of tile or stone and allows you to level this first piece easily in one operation. This process is repeated over the next row of tiles and then the Puck can be moved across these tiles that are set to check for any high spots.

The 10 oz weight of my Puck creates a definite clicking sound as high spots are found, which allows the tile setter to make necessary corrections before it's too late.