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WP200 Mapeguard Waterproofing & Anti Fracture Membrane

WP200 Mapeguard Waterproofing & Anti Fracture Membrane

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Mapeguard WP 200 Waterproofing & Anti Fracture Membrane

The WP 200 waterproofing sheet membrane is made of an Alkali resistant polyethylene material and acts as an anti-fracture underlayment beneath ceramic, natural stone tiles and LVT in both commercial and residential applications. Mapeguard WP 200 also works well over moisture-sensitive substrates such as such as gypsum plasters and gypsum fiber boards, calcium sulphate screeds.


  • Waterproofing and antifracture membrane used in wet and damp areas in residential and commercial buildings such as domestic and hotel bathrooms, private or commercial showers
  • Flexible, thin-layer, waterproof isolating sheet of polyethylene, coated on both sides with a non-woven polypropylene fabric
  • Non-woven fabric ensures a relevant bond strength of the adhesive between the membrane and the substrate and between the membrane and the covering
  • High tensile bond strength adhesive connection with tile adhesives
  • Crack-bridging ability
  • Three layered product made of polypropylene / polyethylene
  • 2850205 - 39.4" x 16.4' (1 m x 5 m) roll - 53.8 sq. ft. (5 m²)
  • 2850230 - 39.4" x 98.4' (1 m x 30 m) roll - 323 sq. ft. (30 m²)
  • Total thickness: approx. 0.44-0.48 mm
  • Width: 100 cm /39.38"

Laying tiles

  • After the application of the waterproofing membrane, it is possible to proceed directly with the installation of tiles
  • The choice of the adhesive should be made according to the type and size of the selected ceramic tile or natural stone
  • Must be cut to size before being bonded
  • Use a MAPEI tile adhesive conforming to a minimum of class C2 according to EN 12004 or ISO 13007 (such as Keraquick S1, Ultralite S1, Keraflex, Keraflex Maxi S1 or similar) using a 3x3 or 4x4 mm notched trowel
  • Mapeflex MS45 must be applied around the perimeter of the drain in order to achieve an adequate seal to the junctioN